“Mezzanine” by Gao Yan

„Gao Yan was concerned about the flow state in the life of the people’s living condition. Documentary photography works about life in France foreigners he shot, left a deep impression on me. He passed these people living space, living appliances and some details, to show the living state and their quality of life, particularly detailed characterization and cross-border ethnic survival moving real state. These images also through visual means to discuss the identity issues under globalization.“ – Gu Zheng Sometimes, my friends moved to France other cities or back to theirs hometown, distributed in the city in the „Festival Hall“ where we met and respectively. Gao Yan - creative time 01 Under the Limoriqiaozhi. Alexandre Dumas Street sky, Africa immigrant in the street every seat in the top floor of the building. Gao Yan - creative time 02 Lyon Saint Vincent reception is a fill the social hierarchy fault mechanism. Gao Yan - creative time 03 In the Oasis association, a Armenia people told me: “That piece of France Flag is painted by my son.” Gao Yan - creative time 04 Bonne assiette is a French Limo restaurant, which is mainly for the social bottom crowd. Here, most of the customers are immigrants. The restaurant was permeated with a kind of assay, mixed atmosphere of public and private space. Gao Yan - creative time 05 Leon ATD Fourth World Organization Act, that was a champion of human rights. Gao Yan - creative time 06 In the Protestant Societies association, a female clerk said to me : “ It feels difficulties just look at them“. Gao Yan - creative time 07 The reception in Relais SOS, Someone told me: „if you want to change anything, you need to work at the front line“ Gao Yan - creative time 08 Met Association of mural Gao Yan - creative time 09

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