Tan Xun

About Tan Xun:
1974   Born in Hebei Province
1997   Graduated from the Sculpture Department, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
2001   Completion of an “Anna Rochette” Academic Course of Sculptural Materials taught by professors from L’école Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris in Central Academy of Fine Arts
Associate professor of Tianjin academy of fine arts department of sculpture.

Major Solo Exhibitions


“Personal Experience”, at the gallery of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin, China


“Li Mingzhuang’s Plan”, at Shanghai Yichang Art Organization and Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai, China


“The Loss — The Balance”, at the Space Gallery, Beijing, China

Major Group Exhibitions      


“CHINE PARIS” Contemporary sculpture nomination exhibition and new Chinese painting exhibition, TAYLOR,PARIS


„impermanence often“ Oriental experience and contemporary art exhibition in the Karl Shute Art Center, Beadles do 波恩当代艺术中心,德国 Center for contemporary art in Bonn, Germany
„Daily“ the name of China contemporary art blueroof art gallery, Chengdu
„small logic“ of expression language coding and contemporary art exhibition Parkview green gallery, Beijing
The shape of resonance plan “invisible” international contemporary art Beijing contemporary art museum in Beijing, Tianjin teda gallery
Modelling the orientation of annual dxhibition ,shanghai university annual exhibition in shanghai university art museum in Shanghai


The French winter Art Salon ,Paris Montreuil , France.
“Confronting Anitya” The 55th International Art Exhibition –La Biennale di Venezia , Eventi Collaterali di Palazzo Michiel
“why not!”Auction Biennaie Shanghai , China
“Extension”, the International Biennial Sculpture at Datong, at Heyang Art Museum, Datong, Shanxi Province, China
“Flying Language” The 3rd China Sculpture Almanac Exhibition National Centre for the Performing Arts
“Forms of THE Formless”Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art


“Recoding — Reconstruction of Rhetoric and Narration”, a Theme Exhibition for Contemporary Art, at The China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China
“Art — Classic”, an Exhibition for the Works from China National Academy of Painting, at the Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing, China
“Chinese Sculpture”, Back to the Original Works of Central Academy of Fine Arts, at the Arts Center of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
“London 2012 — Chinese Arts Exhibition”, at Royal College of Art, London, Britain
“Chinese Pose”, The Second Chinese Sculpture Exhibition, at Wenzhou and Shanghai, China
“Creative Use of Five Traditional Chinese Elements in Sculpture”, an Invitational Exhibition for Chinese Contemporary Sculpture, at the gallery of Guo Cui Yuan, Beijing, China


“A Clear Horizon”, the Contemporary Chinese Sculpture since 1978, at Si Shang Art Museum, Beijing, China
“A Transparent Wall”, an Exhibition for Sino–India Contemporary Art, at the Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai, China
“Enlightenment”, the International Biennial Sculpture at Datong, at Heyang Art Museum, Datong, Shanxi Province, China

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