Wang Zi

Wang Qin, also called “Wang Zi” and who styled herself as “Langzhao” and” Fuying xuanzhu”. Functions and the titles of her:

  • Chinese education committee member
  • The Chinese peasants‘ and workers‘ Democratic Party central art academies distinguished painter
  • Chinese peasants‘ and workers‘ Democratic Party
  • Heilongjiang province branch of party members
  • Black Land art academy, director and painters
  • Heilongjiang province cultural department painting and calligraphy association: Deputy Secretary-general
  • China national art academy: executive director
  • XieFeng Seal Arts: Vice President and secretary general
  • Visiting professor of Harbin University of technology
  • Member of Xiling Society of Seal Arts
  • Member of the Chinese Artists Association in Heilongjiang province branch
  • China calligraphy association Heilongjiang branch member and seal cutting committee
  • Chinese painting works „wind“, „twilight“ published in the journal of Zhanghui novel, such as „new city newspaper“ and collection.
  • Works to be included in the „west cold mid-stream and the first international youth seal cutting, painting and calligraphy competition“ (silver)
  • Recognition award in 2010 international seal cutting of Xileng printing society competition.
  • “99 across the century” The national painting and calligraphy contest judges, The Chinese nation.
  • No.3 National painting and calligraphy competition: judge.

She graduated from Jia Youfu landscape creation high class of China central academy of fine arts, his teacher is Mr. Jia Youfu, a bachelor’s degree, the fine arts teacher; Publication and Works:

  • „Right and Wrong, Fame and Fortune exist in middle of with and without“
  • “ DeWu „
  • „waiting“

published in the journal of seal cutting, the calligraphy appreciation appraisal and the Heilongjiang daily paper, magnum opus

  • „idle of half day“
  • „Tingtao“
  • „Jingguan ba fang“

included in seal cutting art. „Autumn“ was collected by new metropolis daily, naked magazine published and collection „Listen to the rain“ and other works; Published eight, and held personal exhibition for many times.

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